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    If your check engine light turns on, it can only mean one thing – your automotive engine is in trouble. Many drivers dread this dashboard indicator because it may mean several possible issues on a vehicle. If this warning light is flashing on your dash, do not delay and call us immediately. Otherwise, you are risking further damages to your prized vehicle.

    Underhood Automotive Inc. is your premier auto repair center in Redding, CA. Our auto repair certified technicians will expertly diagnose your check engine light and perform the necessary repairs to get your vehicle back on the road. Moreover, you can avail yourself of our transparent and effective services at budget-friendly prices.

    We are your Auto Repair & Diagnostics Experts in Redding

    Drivers in Redding say that we are the best auto repair shop in town – and we agree! Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals who share a passion for car care. We also undergo continual training in servicing various cars, SUVs, and light truck models released through the years. You can count on us to expertly handle any type of engine, make, or build.

    Moreover, we use state-of-the-art equipment and OBD-2 scanners to determine the reason behind your check engine light. Where other auto shops can describe the general location of the anomaly, we can pinpoint the exact problem of your automotive engine. That is how we can produce results with a fast turnaround and competitive rates.

    Benefits of Getting a Check Engine Light Service in Redding

    Your check engine light and other dashboard error codes may seem cryptic and mean dozens of potential problems. Some may not be too critical, so you can still drive your vehicle. However, forcing it to operate in such a condition can be a bad idea.

    Dashboard warning lights are linked to your engine control unit (ECU). Also known as the engine control module, this apparatus controls various functionalities inside a car. As such, a flashing check engine light may be due to any faulty part linked to your ECU. This may be an expensive, critical component like the catalytic converter or transmission system.

    The bottom line is that you should call Underhood Automotive Inc. ASAP as soon as your check engine light pops up. Our mechanics in Redding will find the issues without fail and save you from potentially steep repair costs. After all, replacing a seized engine can cost you thousands of dollars.

    Here are some of the key benefits that you will get from a check engine light service and repairs with us:

    • Improved Gas Mileage and Engine Performance

    • Engine problems often result in inefficiencies and wastage in terms of fuel consumption. Resolving these can help improve your fuel economy and reduce strain on your engine. Your water temperature correction system will operate better as well. This will aid in warming up your system slightly faster so your vehicle can get to optimal operating temperature quickly.

    • Better Handling and Smoother Rides

    • Your check engine light might be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor. The most common symptoms are engine hiccups, rich idling, hesitation while accelerating, and frequent staling. After an appointment with us, you can expect better and consistent handling from your vehicle.

    • Consistent Ignition and Valve Timing

    • Several systems of your vehicle must operate with precise timing and in sync with other components. Many of these are controlled by your ECU and will trigger the check engine light if there are issues. Our services will ensure that your spark plugs are firing and valves are opening at the right time to prevent engine misfires.

    Most Common Vehicle Repair Issues Related to the Check Engine Light

    • Broken or loose radiator cap replacement

    • A loose or damaged radiator cap will prevent pressurizing the system. This can trigger your engine light or result in frequent overheating. In worse cases, this can melt your head gasket and damage your engine block.

    • Oxygen Sensor Replacement

    • A malfunctioning oxygen sensor, another common check engine light trigger, can mess up the combustion interval and timing of the automotive engine. It may also result in power losses and stalling as you try to accelerate on Redding highways.

    • Spark Plugs and Faulty Wiring Replacement in Phoenix

    • The problem may also lie in your ignition and auto electrical system. We can replace your worn spark plugs and fix your faulty or corroded wiring.

    • Catalytic Converter Repair

    • The catalytic converter installed under your car chemically breaks down exhaust gases to make them safer for you and the environment. A faulty cat will result in poorer emissions, trigger your check engine light, and prevent you from passing the standards set by the EPA.

      Rest assured that we use only factory-grade and longer-lasting OEM components to provide the best value for your money.

    Don't Wait if your Check Engine Light is On in Redding, CA

    We strongly recommend that you take your dashboard error codes and check engine light seriously. Should these indicators light up, don’t hesitate to call Underhood Automotive Inc.. Our experienced technicians will help maintain the longevity and resale value of your vehicle for a long time.

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